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Capital Business Advisors understands that buyers seek businesses with solid and profitable financial histories, and those that offer scalable opportunities. We match buyers to appropriate businesses which they are best suited for and can afford. Some buyers may have goals above and beyond ROI and market share, and Capital matches buyers to companies that help them achieve those goals.

We can match Buyers to opportunities currently listed in our portfolio, or we may perform subject and contact database research that leads to target recommendations beyond the Sellers we represent. Often times, Buyers prefer to hire an independent broker who is experienced and knowledgeable to help evaluate opportunities they may be seriously considering purchasing outside of Capital. Our brokers assist Buyers in this manner and are available on an hourly fee basis.  Alternatively, we conduct contract buy-side targeted acquisition searches for determined Buyers in order to fulfill their purchase requirements.

Once an appropriate match is found, our brokers will coordinate and guide all aspects of the transaction process. We frequently write purchase offers on behalf of buyers; negotiate the terms, including legal review, financing options, and due diligence. We also provide detailed advice in support beyond the purchase. Coordinating the transfer of existing licenses and leases are some of the other critical functions we perform. Our professional staff can counsel Buyers on customary aspects and unusual nuances of the transaction process.

Becoming a new owner requires more than an investment of money; Capital provides the experience and expertise to make the transfer to new ownership secure as well as lucrative.

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