Energy Procurement

You may now choose to buy lower-cost electricity and natural gas from a provider other than the original supplier or utility service for your local area service in Maryland, Washington, DC and any other deregulated state or market in the United States.

As licensed commercial energy brokers and direct agents for a global energy procurement company, Capital Business Advisors, Inc. procures alternative discount electricity and natural gas supply contracts for commercial users. We provide no-cost energy consulting and are committed to providing our clients the best combination of price and service. Our low-cost energy plans and suppliers provide budget certainty and eliminates seasonal spikes in energy costs.

Commercial User Electricity and Natural Gas Plan Options:

Fixed Price: For customers who need price stability to manage their energy budget and who desire protection from market volatility.

Index or Variable Price: For customers who anticipate a market decline and who have the tolerance to participate in market rate fluctuations.

Fixed & Index Combination: For customers who desire to fix a portion of their energy usage while maintaining some marketing participation.

Renewable Energy: For customers who wish to invest in future development of renewable energy sources with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

Fixed rate or index plans are also available for natural gas commercial customers.

For more information contact us or view our energy website.

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