Selecting a Broker to Sell Your Business

Once a decision is made to sell your business selecting a professional business broker or a business intermediary to broker the sale of your business is the next step. The terms business broker and business intermediary are sometimes synonymous but generally imply a different level of expertise and differences in their typical transaction values. Frequently, […]

Why a Business Advisory Service is a Wise Investment

With increasing frequency buyers are hiring me to help them evaluate prospective businesses they are seriously considering purchasing. Sometimes, they identify opportunities by themselves and other times they correctly recognize that the business broker or intermediary who has listed the business is working for and being paid by the Seller and therefore only represents the […]

No Offer is Good Enough: A Common Fallacy

Some business owners feel no reasonable offer is enough to entice them to sell their business. Some, especially those who founded, built, nurtured, and grew their businesses may fall into this category. They probably invested most of their capital to launch their business and worked long and hard hours and have more sweat equity invested […]

How to Prepare Your Business for Maximum Sale Price

Business owners should take a critical look at their business at least two years before they intend to put it on the market. It is best to try to view the business as you think a buyer would and identify the pros and cons of the business. Consider the following elements: operations, facilities, competition, clients […]